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Security lighting on modern white home with black trim with rocking chairs on front patio

DIY vs. Pro Outdoor LED Light Installation: Choose the Right Option

When it comes to illuminating your outdoor space, the options are limitless. Yet, one option stands out because of its energy efficiency and...

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What Does Trimlighting Mean?

Imagine a home that catches everyone's eye as they pass by, not just during the holiday season but all year round. The secret? A unique and...

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Time To Shine: 8 Signs You Need Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights

The festive season brings cheer, joy, and a fair share of work, especially when hanging up those twinkling Christmas lights. Year after year, the...

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Accent permanent lighting on custom home

Transforming Your Outdoors with App-Controlled Trim Lighting & RGB

At Trimlight, we believe that outdoor lighting is more than just a functional necessity; it's a canvas waiting to be painted with colors, patterns,...

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Curved Trimlight on exterior of home

A Vision For Permanent Lighting

In the world of outdoor design, lighting is the enchanting wand that transforms ordinary spaces into magical realms. Imagine a garden bathed in a...

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bright white LED security lighting on front home

Enhancing Property Value with LED Lights

When it comes to improving the aesthetics and functionality of your property, outdoor lighting might not be the first thing that comes to mind....

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permanent energy-efficient lighting on home

Energy-Saving Benefits of Permanent LED Holiday Lights

The holiday season brings with it a magical ambiance as streets, homes, and trees light up with festive cheer. Traditional incandescent holiday...

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how many colors can I program on my outdoor lighting

How Many Colors?

If you've been on our website looking at the types of useful cutting-edge modern lighting for properties that we install, you may have seen the...

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