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Trimlight Commercial Lighting Bulb

Our commercial lighting bulb is a top choice for businesses nationwide, earning the trust of major brands with thousands of installations.

A powerful bulb designed to meet the demands of your commercial spaces. With unparalleled brightness and energy efficiency, this bulb is engineered for optimal performance, making it ideal for attracting more customers to your front door.

Trimlight Commercial Bulb

Designed using state-of-the-art LED technology, our commercial bulbs offer exceptional energy efficiency, helping you cut down on electricity expenses while maintaining brilliant illumination. Whether illuminating retail storefronts, office spaces, or outdoor signage, Trimlight's Commercial Bulb delivers consistent, top-notch light to improve visibility and attract clientele. Featuring a durable construction and weather-resistant design, our commercial bulbs are engineered to endure the demands of commercial settings, ensuring dependable performance year after year.

Product Title: Trimlight Commercial

LEDs: 3

Lifespan of Bulb: 50,000+ hours

Spacing: 12"

Colors: RGB

Control Method: Edge APP, Voice Control

Voice Control: Google Home, Alexa

Waterproof: IP68

Voltage: 12V

Wattage: 1W per bulb

Lumens: 30-60 (depends on method of measurement)

App Connectivity: 2.4GHz band, Wi-Fi

Dances to Music: Auxiliary port to speaker

Customization: Customizable color patterns and low profile channel to match your brand

Grouping: Can control multiple business locations from one central location and from anywhere in the world

Special Features: Energy Efficient, Dimmable, Waterproof, Color Changing, Low Voltage


Our Trimlight Commercial Bulb not only comes with a lifetime guarantee on all components, but it also promises to enhance the beauty and convenience of your business for years to come. Boasting an impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, the longevity of each part is dependent on how frequently it is used. Whether you choose to showcase it seasonally for dazzling holiday displays, stretching its lifespan to an impressive 30-40 years, or use it nightly for 7-8 years, our warranty ensures that your investment is protected.

While advancements in technology may impact the longevity of controls, you can trust that our commitment to quality and durability remains unwavering.

*Please take note that daytime usage may void the warranty, so be sure to enjoy the benefits of our Trimlight Commercial Bulb during the evening hours.

Trimlight installer installing lights on commercial property


Trimlight Commercial Bulb Gallery

Let your business shine brightly with our Trimlight commercial lighting bulb.

A Camping World building that features Trrimlight in a red and green pattern.
A close up shot of a Chick Fil A building that has red and green Trimlight LED lighting.
A Chick-Fil-A building that has a red and green Trimlight Christmas pattern.
A bar that has a security Trimlight pattern along the edge of the roofline with cars parked in the parking lot.
Security and Accent
A think storage building with bright security Trimlight lights, featuring trees and landscape lighting
Security and Accent
A restaurant that has a blue and white Trimlight pattern with people inside sitting down at tables.
Security and Accent
A Midvale City building that has cool white Trimlight LEDs along the roofline.
a building that is open and has cool white Trimlight lighting along the trim of the building.
Security and Accent
A Rush Funplex that features many cars and Trimlight along the roofline with a red, white and blue color pattern.
Patriotic Holidays
exterior hotel valet pull through with accent trim lighting
Patriotic Holidays
A massive building that has red white and blue Trimlight LEDs
Patriotic Holidays
a colonial flag building with red white and blue Trimlight lights
Patriotic Holidays
A LaQuinta hotel building that has green and yellow Trimlight lighting to match the brand.
Match Your Brand
A Quicklane car parts store that has blue and white Trimlight and has a green and orange truck in frame.
Match Your Brand
McDonald's drive through with warm white Trimlight LEDs on the roofline with a silver car in the drive through.
Match Your Brand
A Harley Davidson Store with red and purple Trimlight LEDs
Match Your Brand
A restaurant that has Trimlight LED lighting on the building and has the colors red and white.
Game Day
a small bar area that has chairs and Trimlight on the roofline.
Game Day
U of U football game playing with pool cage lighting
Game Day
An in frame party bar bud that has many chairs and Trimlight along the trim of the vehicle.
Game Day

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