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Globe Lights

Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Set the mood and create the perfect festive or ambient lighting for your outdoor gatherings with our newest innovation in programmable, remote access lighting.



Music Capability

Set your lights to dance to music! Whether the music is playing off your phone or you plug directly in to your Trimlight controller, the new Trimlight app plays along with your music!

Alexa & Google Home

Our Trimlight Edge controller is now Alexa and Google Home compatible! Simply ask Alexa or Google to turn your Trimlight lighting system on or off or set it to specific colors.

Cloud-Based Technology

You can now connect to your Trimlight system even when you're away from home with cloud-based technology. All of the app programmability is right at your fingertips wherever you are.

Outdoor Ambience 

Don’t settle for standard warm white lighting! Up your string light game for all of your outdoor parties and special occasions with Trimlight Globe Lights. Globe Lights allow you to set vibrant colors and patterns right in the app so you can set the mood for your outdoor spaces with the touch of a button.

Teens hanging out in a hot tub under globe lights

Weatherproof LED Technology

Our Globe Light’s are durable, weatherproof, and designed to last. The programmable, LED technology is energy efficient and designed with cloud-based technology so you can access it and program it remotely making it easy to enjoy the versatility and color of Globe Lights for your outdoor spaces.

Moody globe lights for a nightside pool

Commercial and Residential Applications

Brighten up your home or business with the visually stunning addition of Trimlight Globe Lights. Whether you want to add color to your backyard awning or flair to an open-air concert, Globe Lights provide the innovative lighting solution you are looking for.  

Neutral & classy globe lights for a family dinner

Outdoor Living Spaces

For residential spaces, Globe Lights are a great addition to patios, pergolas, awnings, and pools. Whether you are inviting friends over for a BBQ pool party or just looking to spend a nice, relaxing night in the backyard, Globe Lights set the mood you desire.

House and patios with multi-color custom lighting and Globe Lights

Inviting Outdoor Events

Globe Lights create warm and inviting outdoor spaces to increase visibility, attract customers, and delight attendees for your restaurants, business events, concerts, outdoor markets, or community gatherings. 

Colorful globe lights decorating a patio

Trimlight Globe Light Gallery

Globe Lights elevate and add comfort and sophistication to restaurants, patios, venues, and gatherings.

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