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Trimlight 3L Permanent Outdoor Lights

Our latest innovation, the Trimlight 3L bulb, featuring three powerful bright LEDs in one sleek design.

Trimlight 3L offers a classic holiday lighting look that maximizes visibility at night and remains subtle during the day, allowing your home to shine brightly night after night.


Trimlight 3L Bulb

Experience the ultimate in outdoor all occasion lighting with Trimlight 3L, our latest innovation that will illuminate your home like never before. With three powerful LEDs, this permanent lighting system delivers unparalleled brightness at night. Not only does Trimlight 3L retain the features our customers adore, but it also boasts a timeless holiday lighting aesthetic that enhances visibility from more angles after dark. Its discreet design seamlessly integrates into your home during the day, ensuring that your residence shines brilliantly night after night. Say goodbye to ordinary lighting and welcome the extraordinary with Trimlight 3L.

Product Title: Trimlight 3L

LEDs: 3

Lifespan of Bulb: 50,000+ hours

Colors: RGB

Spacing: 6", 9", 12"

Control Method: Edge APP, Voice Control

Voice Control: Google Home, Alexa

Waterproof: IP68

Voltage: 12V

Wattage: .9W per bulb

Lumens: 30-60 (depends on method of measurement)

App Connectivity: 2.4GHz band, Wi-Fi

Dances to Music: Auxiliary port to speaker

Wall Splash: Our downward lights allows you to have splash. The length of color splash varies depending on home style

Special Features: Energy Efficient, Dimmable, Waterproof, Color Changing, Low Voltage


Our lifetime guarantee on all parts ensures that you can enjoy the beauty and convenience of Trimlight 3L for years to come. With up to 50,000 hours of usage on the lights, the lifespan of each individual part is dependent on how frequently it is used. Whether you only use it around the holidays, extending its longevity to 30-40 years, or enjoy it nightly for 7-8 years, our warranty has you covered. Keep in mind that advancements in technology may affect the lifespan of the controls, but rest assured, we stand by our commitment to quality and durability.

Note: Daytime usage may void the warranty.


Trimlight 3L Lighting Gallery

Illuminate your home or business all year long with our innovative Trimlight 3L permanent outdoor lighting system.

small home with green, purple and orange colors
a modern home with Halloween colors with one peak
A purple and green lit Trimlight home with small green LED parts on the top of the peaks
candy corn LED Trimlight home with 2 peaks
a modern home with 3 peaks with a christmas Trimlight light pattern
red, white and green LED Trimlight home with a driveway and 3 peaks to the roofline
a modern home with multiple peaks, that glows green but has red accent LED colors.
a 4 peak home with soft warm white Trimlight lighting
Security & Accent
a small home with 2 peaks with a cool white Trimlight security lighting.
Security & Accent
a blue security lit house with Trimlight that has 3 peaks and a garage door
Security & Accent
a warm white modern home with Trimlight.
security lighting on a modern home with an American flag in the front of the home
Security & Accent
A home with bright LEDS that have the colors red, white and blue with a flag in front of their home
Patriotic Holidays
a home with one peak with Trimlight red and white LEDs
Patriotic Holidays
a wide home that features a patriotic color pattern with the new Trimlight 3L bulbs.
Patriotic Holidays
a lit Trimlight home with purple, yellow and pink Trimlight lighting
A modern home with a Easter LED color with Trimlight
New 3L Trimlight light that has colorful LED Easter patterns
Easter Trimlight Modern home with 3 peaks and Easter decor on the home
a home with many peaks featuring a game day zoning pattern that purple, white and yellow
Game Day
A blue and white Trimlight lit home with many peaks
Game Day
A Trimlight 3L home with a green and white zoning pattern
Game Day
a Trimlight 3L home with orange and blue zoning pattern
Game Day

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