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Security Lighting

Keep Unwanted Visitors in the Spotlight

With customizable settings and cutting-edge technology, Trimlight security lighting offers a sophisticated defense against the unknown. Trust Trimlight to fortify your home or business, ensuring a well-lit and secure environment at night.

bright security lighting and white trim lighting on home



      Hardly Noticeable During the Day

      Our patented channel seamlessly integrates into your roofline, maintaining a low profile. Experience a sophisticated security lighting solution for your home that not only enhances elegance but also fortifies the safety and visibility of your space.

      Music Capability

      Set your lights to move in harmony with the rhythm of your favorite music! Experience the dynamic fusion of light and sound, transforming any moment into a captivating celebration while enhancing the safety and security of your surroundings.

      Alexa & Google Home

      Syncing seamlessly with Alexa and Google Home, our Trimlight Edge controller brings a new level of convenience to your fingertips! Effortlessly customize your lighting with a voice-controlled command using the Trimlight Edge app. Illuminate the darker corners of your home to enhance security and discourage intruders with the brilliance of smart lighting.

      Cloud-Based Technology

      Stay connected to your Trimlight system, even when miles away from home, thanks to cloud-based technology. Access all the app programmability effortlessly, ensuring control and convenience no matter where you are.

      Safeguard your residence

      Deter criminal activity by adding bright security lighting to your home and surrounding areas with our patented trim lighting system. In addition to adding a layer of security, permanent outdoor lighting offers safety for your family and surrounding areas.


      Security Lighting For Businesses

      Personalize your security lighting to match the distinctive environment or specific requirements based on the style of your business. Our security lighting offers a variety of trim options, allowing it to seamlessly blend into the aesthetics of your existing space and effectively highlight the desired areas to deter any undesirable intruders!

      Trimlight installer installing lights on commercial property

      Increased Brightness & Visibility

      Enhance the radiance of your home by installing permanent outdoor lighting. This will enable security cameras to effortlessly capture the details of people and objects in the surrounding area. Take control of the luminosity and customize the schedule for evening and night hours using our user-friendly cloud-based application.

      Bright Trimlight display lighting on home

      Lifetime Product Warranty

      At Trimlight, we stand by the quality of our products by offering a lifetime product warranty. Should any light ever fail, simply make a phone call and we'll provide a free replacement. Our dedicated local dealers will even come to your doorstep to install the new part, eliminating the need for any climbing. Please note that if you are no longer covered under your local dealer's labor warranty, a labor fee may apply.

      white accent lighting for home security

      Installed & Serviced by Factory-Trained Technicians Enhanced Security

      Trimlight is proud to have over 285 authorized dealerships. A local, factory-trained technician will guide you through Trimlight's estimation and installation process to deliver outdoor security lighting options that match your needs.

      A photo of a Trimlight dealer installing Trimlight in the trim of the home.

      Security Lighting Gallery

      Brighten up your home and outdoor areas with our tailored trim lighting security solutions. 

      Get a Free Quote

      Your local, authorized, factory-trained Trimlight dealer will guide you through the estimate process so you can start enjoying decades of worry-free permanent security lighting.

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