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Become a Dealer, a Technician, an Expert

Take advantage of Trimlight's unique product offering, where there is little competition and an affordable entry point for new businesses. We'll train you to sell, install, and service a product where high demand provides an opportunity for substantial profit margins.


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Secure Exclusive Dealer Licensing in Your Area

We offer exclusive packages with low start-up costs and no yearly dealer fees. We help to advertise in your area and give our dealers full support from start to finish. Dealerships are sold in contracts giving individuals or companies the opportunity to select exclusive areas of their community where they would like rights to sell Trimlight.

Do you already own a business of installing rain gutters, siding, roofing, or exteriors? TRIMLIGHT is a perfect addition to the quality products that you already offer. As you meet with your clients, you can now offer them the option to get their holiday lighting put up permanently on their home or business at the same time you are there and your clients will love you!

Don't miss this opportunity to increase your sales and start selling TRIMLIGHT while the start up costs are low and you have little to no competition!

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Protected Territories

Cover your local area without stretching past your capabilities. With a Trimlight dealership, you are able to lease a small geographical area starting at your zip code and expanding into more markets as your company grows and expands. 

Our packages start at just a 10-mile radius from your zip code and you are able to be the only Trimlight dealer in the area. With Trimlight dealerships, you will only have a one-time lease payment for the zip codes and never have another payment. 

Beautiful Trimlight display at residential home

Low Start-Up Investment

There's a low capital required to start up a Trimlight dealership. We offer inexpensive sales aids to help with closing the deals. We offer marketing advice, best practices, yard signs, signage for vehicles and trailers. 

We also offer access to company photos, logos, estimating sheets, national web presence, and pre-made commercials and videos.

Technician wiring LEDS

Minimal Competition

Trimlight is a unique innovation that offers a brand new product line that has little to no competition. 

With your new dealership, you become the only authorized reseller for the Trimlight product line in your agreed upon area. 

You will keep your sales and installation team at a competitive advantage by offering products with the best design, value, and product warranty for permanent holiday and year-around lighting.

Dealer helping resident with their new Trimlight setup

Owner-Driven Support & Education

Spending time operating the app and learning and knowing the system inside out so you have the ability to help troubleshoot and train new users, customers, and technicians might require home study and time dedicated to learning. Our dealer portal provides a vast library of videos and files that will help guide you through most processes.

Technician shaping fascia

Package Options

Dealership opportunity

Package A Package B Package C
One Time Fee One Time Fee
$ 2,500
+ $60 Per Zip Code Leased
One Time Fee
$ 3,500
+ $60 Per Zip Code Leased
One Time Fee
$ 10,000
+$60 Per Zip Code Leased
Package Details
2-Day Required Training
Dealers are responsible for travel and accommodation expenses when visiting Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
On-Site at Your Location
1,500 Sales Aids
Manufacturer-Referred Sales Leads
Customized Estimation Sheet
Handheld Display in Case
Estimating Software
Mastic Aluminum Color Sample
Extra Inventory
Parts for Repairs or Upgrades
20 Custom Yard Signs
1,000 Door Hangers
10 Embroidered Polo Shirts
120-150' of Trimlight for Sample Installation During Training
2-Day Training On-Site at Your Location

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We'll respond via email within 7-10 business days.


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