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Pool Cages

Stylish Lighting

Elevate backyard pool parties and enhance safety with pool cage lighting designed to make an impression. 

Custom permanent pool cage LED lighting



Music Capability

Set your lights to dance to music! Whether the music is playing off your phone or you plug directly in to your Trimlight controller, the new Trimlight app plays along with your music!

Alexa & Google Home

Our Trimlight Edge controller is now Alexa and Google Home compatible! Simply ask Alexa or Google to turn your Trimlight lighting system on or off or set it to specific colors.

Cloud-Based Technology

You can now connect to your Trimlight system even when you're away from home with cloud-based technology. All of the app programmability is right at your fingertips wherever you are.

Improve Safety & Visibility

Make night swimming more enjoyable for everyone by providing increased lighting. Not only will swimmers enjoy the added ambience our pool cages bring, well-lit pools provide improved safety and visibility for monitoring children and pets.

Modern Trimlight pool cage LED display

Enhance Your Atmosphere

Designed to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, our permanent lighting solutions add beauty and class to your backyard pool for every party or gathering. The added lighting above your pool and glow on the water's surface are sure to add to your swimming experience and keep the party going through the night.

Minimalist pool cage lighting

Custom Colors & Patterns

With virtually unlimited color and animation options, our programmable pool cage lighting gives you the control and versatility to customize your lighting for every holiday, sporting event and special occasion in our easy-to-use app. Preset holiday patterns are available in the app along with a scheduling program that allows you to set your lighting colors, patterns, and schedule.

Trimlight hot tub pool display

Installed & Serviced by Factory-Trained Technicians

Trimlight is proud to have over 250 authorized dealerships nationwide. A local, licensed, and factory-trained technician will guide you through Trimlight's estimation and installation process to deliver a lifetime of patio lighting to match your needs.

Bright outdoor pool cage dome

Trimlight Pool Cage Gallery

Beautify pool cages and surrounding area with outdoor trim lighting. 

Get a Free Quote

Your local, authorized, factory-trained Trimlight dealer will guide you through the estimate process so you can start enjoying decades of worry-free permanent lighting.

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