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About Trimlight

Trimlight's Start

Trimlight was born in 2010 when founder, Ryan Whittaker, once again trudged outside in the Utah cold to hang holiday lights for his wife. Tired of putting Christmas lights up only to have to remove them again while they were still buried in ice and snow, Ryan knew there had to be a better way.

Ryan was determined to find the ideal way to install permanent lights so he’d never again have to climb on that ladder in the freezing cold. He researched home construction to figure out the ideal installation method. Compromising the roof and gutter system was not an option, which eventually led him to developing our patented channel solution. Trimlight’s channel system attaches to the fascia to create a permanent, durable, and beautiful lighting feature.

A licensed Trimlight technician installing trim lighting on a new house.


The sun’s harmful UV rays aren’t just bad for skin. They wreak havoc on wiring systems. Ryan discovered that wires exposed to sun will fail relatively quickly. 

Because the goal was permanence, Ryan developed a channel system that wouldn’t just hide ugly wires, but encase and shield them from sun, ice, wind, birds, and leaves.  Years of research, experimentation, and improvements went into developing the patented Trimlight channel system. The shape, size, and materials of our channel system let it blend seamlessly with a home’s architecture wile also giving the lights a professional, perfectly spaced look that will shine bright for decades while others can fail in a few years.

Multi-colored trim lighting on a house at night


After successfully installing permanent lighting on his own home, neighbors soon lined up to get more information. Ryan realized there was huge market demand for permanent lighting solutions and teamed up with his best friends to launch Trimlight. Over the years, Trimlight has grown exponentially with thousands of homes installed in Utah alone (where Trimlight Headquarters is located) and more than 285 authorized Trimlight dealers have come on board across the U.S. and Canada.

Trimlight continues to develop new and innovative products every year—with more app features and controllers that bring exciting, updated capabilities to their permanent lighting systems. Trimlight's goal is to light up the world with permanent, programmable lighting that can be enjoyed for every holiday and celebration throughout the year.


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