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3 Trimlight Halloween Lighting Patterns to Try this Year

Are you ready to take your Halloween decorations to the next level this year? If you're a proud owner of Trimlight's outdoor permanent holiday lighting, you're in for a treat. Trimlight's innovative lighting solution not only make the holiday season brighter but also offer endless possibilities for creative patterns. Here are three spooktacular Halloween lighting patterns to transform your home into a haunted wonderland.

Candy Corn PATTERN: Sweet Treat for the Eyes

Embrace the whimsy of Halloween with a candy corn-themed lighting pattern. Trimlight's color-changing capabilities allow you to transition smoothly from yellow to orange to white, just like the iconic candy. Your home will be the talk of the neighborhood, and it's a sweet way to light up the night for trick-or-treaters.

Halloween home with Candy Corn color holiday permanent lights on

Trimlight Edge app pattern idea for candy corn



Add a spine-tingling twist to your  permanent app controlled outdoor lighting with a spooky eyes color pattern from Trimlight! These eerie, yet enchanting eyes come to life, moving and shifting in the night, creating a captivating and hauntingly beautiful atmosphere. Whether it's Halloween, a themed event, or just a dash of mystery to your outdoor space, this pattern is the perfect way to infuse your surroundings with a touch of the supernatural.

Spooky Halloween home with outdoor permanent app controlled permanent lights

Trimlight Edge app code for spooky eyes for Halloween


PURPLE & GREEN peaks pattern: Shades of SCARY

Transform your home into a spine-chilling masterpiece with haunted purple and green permanent Halloween lights. This juxtaposition of colors gives your home a ghoulish, haunted charm that's perfect for the season. Let your spooky creativity shine with this fun Trimlight Edge pattern!

Cozy bungalow with green and purple outdoor Halloween lights on

Trimlight Edge color pattern for halloween with green peaks


With Trimlight's permanent app controlled lights, you're not just decorating; you're creating an experience. Transform your outdoor space into a Halloween wonderland, and watch as passersbys are left in awe.

Don't let anything hold you back. Your creativity is the only limit. Embrace the freedom to design, change, and customize your outdoor lights whenever you please. Your spooky vision becomes a reality with Trimlight. Have a Happy Halloween Season!

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