Do you attach your LED permanent lights to my gutters?

Trimlight permanent outdoor lights is not installed or attached to your gutters. Our patented channel is installed under the eaves, behind the gutters and trim.

Trimlight delivers not only stunning illumination but also a visually unobtrusive installation is evident in its design approach.

Our permanent outdoor lighting channel is strategically installed on the under the eaves, cleverly positioned behind gutters and trim.

We don't screw lights in your gutters or touch your gutters when installing. Doing so could be dangerous to your home and foundation when water runs through your gutters.

This meticulous placement ensures that the lighting system integrates seamlessly with the existing architectural features of a home.

Permanent outdoor lighting channel from Trimlight is designed to enhance the curb appeal of a home without creating visual distractions. The strategic positioning under the eaves allows the lights to cast a warm and inviting glow without compromising the clean lines and architectural integrity of the property. Homeowners can enjoy the beauty of illuminated surroundings without any unsightly attachments to your gutters.

To ensure the seamless integration of Trimlight permanent outdoor lighting channel, professional installation is key. Trimlight technicians are trained to handle the intricacies of the installation process. They are equipped with the expertise to navigate the installation process, ensure a seamless and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

One notable feature of Trimlight is our warranty coverage across various components of the lighting system. From the intricate LED technology to the durable construction of the lighting channel, Trimlight extends its warranty to all essential parts. The Lifetime Product Warranty aligns with the commitment to quality, promising a guaranteed lifespan for the covered components. This assurance goes beyond the industry standard, giving homeowners confidence in the enduring performance of their Trimlight lighting system.