Why are my Trimlight Edge lights not responding?

If your system is frozen or not responding, perform a soft reboot by disconnecting the power from the unit for 30 seconds before reconnecting the power.

Option #1 SOFT REBOOT:

Perform a soft reboot by disconnecting the power from the unit for 30 seconds before reconnecting the power.

This can be done by either (A) Unplugging the system in full from the wall outlet and replacing the plug in the outlet after 30 seconds or (B) you can squeeze the GREEN terminal labeled VCC-GND and pulling it away from the controller for 30 seconds and then re-inserting it back into the controller. Once one of these actions has been performed, allow the system to boot up which may take several minutes, and try again.


Ensure the light on the controller is still set to the proper connection that was previously set up on your system. If you were using the Trimlight signal to connect, the light should be blue and labeled “Wifi Broadcasting”. If the system was previously connected to the local wifi network, the light should be Green where it is labeled “Network Connected”.

 If either of these are not correct based on your previous setup, quickly click the STA/AP button until the light returns to the correct setting. Manually running the system through the BLUE light (Wifi Broadcasting) mode is a temporary fix for operating if the controller is not finding the system through the


To perform this function, Unplug the unit and then press and hold the
“+” and “-” buttons while restoring power to the unit. Allow the unit to reboot properly and then go through the initial steps to set up the controller as shown in this manual.

If connectivity is not found from the first 2 options and the authorized dealer is unable to help during a phone support call the last option is for a Factory Reset. This function will delete all previous set memory and return the unit back to the original factory settings.

If you need help troubleshooting your Trimlight Edge system, Follow the prompts on the following guide: Troubleshooting Guide

The most common reason for connection issues is due to a power loss at the controller or the controller signal getting switched. You can contact your dealer for the fastest resolution to issues not addressed in the knowledge base.

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