What should I know before my installation date?

Please follow these steps and ensure you are aware of all aspects prior to the installation.

Steps for Your Installation

Thank you for purchasing a Trimlight System! The following page will guide you through the installation steps. Please follow these steps and ensure you are aware of all aspects prior to the installation. Watching the videos below will better prepare you to enjoy all of the amazing features your new Trimlight system can offer.

numbers-01 Install Date Text Message or Email

You will be receiving a text message or email to notify you of your pending installation date. If the date does not work, please respond to the message with a new date or multiple options. We will try to accommodate you but during the busy season, it becomes very difficult to work around every schedule and could delay your installation to a much later date than what could be the soonest. Also, keep in mind, if you require a re-schedule of your installation after the date is set you must notify us no less than 5 business days in advance or you will be charged $100.

numbers-02 Dates Can Change

Unless you request FIRM on a scheduled date, your date can change. Weather and project delays can sometimes move projects back in the calendar by a few hours to a few days. We can't always control these delays. We also schedule for worst-case scenario so as crews finish early we try to move people up in the schedule. As we bring on new crews or split crews the schedule can move even faster. If you are open and able to move your install date on the fly as our schedule opens please respond to the message as OPEN.

numbers-03 Please Download the Trimlight App

Downloading the Trimlight application prior to our arrival with streamline the connection process. If you are unable to do that, have your login password ready so we can help you with the app download. On Apple devices, that requires your Apple ID and password. On Android devices, that could require a Google account. When searching for the app on an iPad, please ensure the search is looking for "iPhone Only Apps." Download the APP called TRIMLIGHT EDGE.

Get the App

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A video to better understand how our different Wi-Fi systems can work

Download the PDFs

Prepare For Your Installation Date

Things to Know

  1. Some homes have electrical outlets in the soffits. We can not guarantee that our channel will not cover these slightly after installation is complete. This all depends on how the original electrician installed the outlet and cover. If these items are critical for your needs. Please notify the installer on site and they will do their best to work around them. If the installer is required to keep them open and accessible, the system aesthetics may be less than desirable if the channel requires to be eliminated to allow for full entry. A return fee will be charged for any trip back to remedy this after the installation is complete.

  2. Although we strive to be as careful as possible, we can not be held liable for décor that is in the way of the installation. Any lawn decorations, seasonal decorations, furniture, or other items should be moved prior to the installation. If unable to be moved prior, the installers will be careful around the items but will not be held liable for any damage to these items.

  3. The installer will make the most logical option to get the wiring to the necessary areas. This could include accessing the attic, or running the wire through an exterior-mounted wire cover channel that will blend in with the exterior. This method is not completely hidden but may be the only option to get wire to the appropriate areas. These channels could be mounted on rain gutters, siding, roofing, walls, downspouts, etc. Any additional requests where drywall is removed or other excessive means are to be taken, will be billed for time and material separately from the current price.

  4. During the installation, there will be metal cuttings that can be sharp that fall to the ground. Our installers do their best to retrieve all of them prior to leaving the site but we cannot guarantee that all will be found. Especially around ground cover, grass, window wells, and in snowy conditions. When walking around the area, please be aware of this and keep an eye out for debris. Avoid walking barefoot until all areas have been thoroughly inspected.

  5. If you have roaming pets, please be mindful of their droppings prior to the installation. It is difficult for our installers to consistently check their shoes when going in and out of a home to access the attic and garage and can only cause a potential stain in a home. Please keep the animals secure and away from the installers during the installation.

  6. Ladders are used extensively during the install and need to lean against the exterior of your building. This process can lead to scratches and other minimal damage to the exterior. Poor-quality exterior products may not hold up to the weight of the ladder and technician and can cause damage. We are not liable for any damage to poor quality products or other hidden systems that are beyond our visibility of the installation including internal wiring, low voltage landscape lighting, flashings, security systems, photocells or timers, irrigation systems, audio visual wiring, etc.

  7. It is best if you have downloaded the Trimlight EDGE application and watched our user video to ensure a basic understanding of the controls. The installer will be able to answer any questions during a brief tutorial. Any additional tutorials that are needed, contact your Trimlight sales representative for additional help and guidance.