What channel colors does Trimlight offer?

Trimlight’s patented channel system is designed to match the color of the roofline, blending in seamlessly to hide the wires from view.

We color match our patented aluminum channel system to your home or business so it blends into the roof line to make your Trimlight system unnoticeable during the day.

Our aluminum channel matches the colors of your home seamlessly. The diodes are barely protruding from the channel which gives it a hidden effect. With dozens of different colors, Trimlight has an aluminum color that should match your home. Whether that is painted wood, aluminum, steel, or fibrocement board. We have many complementary colors.

Our Trimlight channel is made from high quality, 100% recyclable aluminum that is available in a variety of colors to ensure that we can provide the channel that best matches the color of your home. Our channel holds the lights in tight and hides the wires from view, leaving your home or business with elegant lighting that will hold in place year-round, regardless of weather conditions. We have a residential channel lighting option that is designed to attach easily to most homes. We also offer a commercial channel lighting option that will fit a majority of commercial business buildings.

To explore the complete spectrum of Trimlight channel colors for your roofline, visit Trimlight's official Aluminum Colors page. Here, you will find an extensive collection of colors, each curated to elevate your lighting experience. The page provides a visual representation of each color option, allowing you to envision how it will complement your architecture.