Why am I seeing different colors than what I chose in my Trimlight Select Plus app?

Incorrect colors can be caused by several factors. 1. Check to see if the RGB color setting is correct in the app. If that is correct, 2. It could be a bad light or a fault within the system. Learn more below.

If you notice there is a SINGLE different color light than what you chose in the pattern and all other lights of that same color is working properly, that means there is a bad light.

A technician from your local dealer should be contacted to schedule a time for them to replace the faulty light. 

 If one specific color or a combination of colors of all the lights in your pattern are not producing the correct colors. Please check to see if the RGB ORDER is correct on your app. For most applications, it should be set to RGB. If that fails to fix the issue, call your local dealer and schedule a repair.

RGB Code Pic