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How do I set color zones with Trimlight Edge?

Color zoning on the home can be created by utilizing the outputs and the custom pattern page. Learn how to add zoning with this Trimlight Edge tutorial.


A user may desire to create custom patterns that highlight sections on a project while allowing the app to direct the number of lights on a system between ports on the controller to the light quantities on each port. Depending on how the system was installed will determine the lights on each port (If more than one port was used). When programming a color zoning pattern. The user will specify in the application the quantity of lights on each of the ports. When making the pattern, the user will use those numbers to create the overall quantity of lights in each sequence circle for the color they determine they would like to have. The following pictures will represent 4 different projects that utilize color zoning on 1 or more ports. 

Zoning 1

Zoning 2

Zoning 4

Zoning 3