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How do I add the "lightning" effect to my Trimlight Edge System?

Transform your space with a captivating lightning effect. Follow our guide to effortlessly add a stunning effect using the Trimlight Edge app.

Go to the clock icon on the bottom right corner. Under where it says 'Pattern Library' it gives you a list of all the patterns both preset and saved by the user, you will want to find the pattern you want to have the lightning effect added on it. Press and hold on that pattern and a lightning icon will pop up. Click on the lightning icon and it will set the lighting effect to that pattern. For manual operation, you may want to choose another pattern and then return to the correct pattern with the Lightning feature to display correctly. See below for a video tutorial!



If the speed of the flash does not suit your liking. The speed is based on how many lights are on the system. So we would suggest adjusting one of your ports to be a much higher number of lights. Because there are no more lights on that run after your last light, it will not affect the system negatively. It will merely make the system believe there are more lights on the system than there really is and the percentage of lights that will flash will be further apart.