How much power does Trimlight use?

Each Trimlight bulb uses .6 watts of energy. A 200 linear foot project installed under the soffit of a home would use around 120-400 watts.

Each Trimlight bulb uses .6 watts of energy. A 200-foot house would then use 120-400 watts. That means you would have to run your Trimlight system for nearly 3-8 hours before you're billed $0.06 – $0.20 in energy costs. This means that it consumes less electricity than a standard light bulb while providing the same amount of light.

In addition to being energy efficient, Trimlight is also incredibly safe. Trimlight runs on a low-voltage system and carries less electrical energy compared to high-voltage systems. As a result, the risk of electric shock is significantly reduced in low-voltage systems. Even if a person comes into contact with a low-voltage source, the potential for injury is much lower.  This makes it a great choice for homes with children or pets.

Temporary lighting installations often require precarious climbing on ladders, exposing homeowners to unnecessary risks. Trimlight eliminates the need for climbing on ladders altogether. The professionally installed, permanent lighting solution is integrated seamlessly into your home's architecture, ensuring safety while delivering stunning results.

When it comes to lighting up your home for special occasions, the expenses and hassles associated with temporary lighting solutions can be a significant concern.

Most temporary lighting options on the market not only come with a hefty price tag but also limit you to a single color and usage for specific events.

Trimlight ensures safety, convenience, and year-round enjoyment as well as saving your money!

One of the major drawbacks of temporary lighting is its limited usability. Most temporary lights are designed for specific holidays or events, leaving you with boxed-up lights for the majority of the year. This not only occupies valuable storage space but also means you miss out on the opportunity to enhance your home's aesthetics throughout the year.

Trimlight is an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their energy bills and add a beautiful architectural element to their home. It uses only 12 watts of power per foot, is extremely efficient, and is incredibly safe. Trimlight is not just a lighting solution; it's a lifestyle upgrade that brings color, safety, and convenience to your home.

Don't be fooled by the apparent affordability of temporary lighting – invest in a lighting solution that truly shines, both in terms of performance and longevity. With Trimlight, your home or business will radiate beauty, creativity, and safety throughout every season. With its long lifespan and low energy consumption, Trimlight is one of the most cost-effective lighting systems available.