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How do I slow down the speed of the "lightning" or "snowflake" effect in Trimlight Edge?

In this video, we walk you through the steps to slow down the mesmerizing "lightning" and "snowflake" effects on the Trimlight Edge app. Personalize your permanent outdoor lighting experience with just a few steps.

If the current flash or twinkling snowflake speed doesn't quite match your preferences, consider these steps. The speed is intricately tied to the number of lights on your system. To customize it, try adjusting your 4th port in Trimlight Edge settings. Since there are no additional lights beyond the last post run, this adjustment won't have any adverse effects on the system. Instead, it cleverly tells the system into perceiving a greater number of lights than there actually are, resulting in a more spaced-out percentage of lights that will flash or twinkle. Learn more below!