How do I get started with the Trimlight Edge App?

Experience the magic of the Trimlight Edge App. Explore its user-friendly interface powered by cloud-based technology. Create millions of mesmerizing colors and captivating patterns, and even synchronize your lights to dance with your music.

Download This Manual For Using Your New Trimlight Edge App!

Trimlight Edge Manual

Video Tutorials

Trimlight Edge colors, patterns, and music options.

A simple video showing some of the patterns and features of the Trimlight Edge controller.

Connecting to the Trimlight EDGE application

The 1st video in the EDGE controller series. Understanding, downloading the app, and setting up the controller to a network.

Settings in the Trimlight EDGE application

The 2nd video in the Trimlight EDGE Instructional video series. This video shows explanations of the settings and initial setup.

Trimlight EDGE Custom Palette Tutorial

The 3rd Video in the Trimlight EDGE system tutorial videos. Covering all the features on the Custom color and pattern palette page.

Trimlight EDGE Pre-set Tutorial

The 4th Video in the Trimlight EDGE tutorial series. Explaining the pre-set pattern page.

Trimlight EDGE Timers and Schedule Tutorial

The 5th video in the EDGE tutorial series. Explaining daily timers and calendar set up and operations.

Trimlight EDGE Music Function Tutorial

The 6th video in the EDGE series. Understanding the music function and customization.