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How do I install when working with metal?

Installation videos working with metal

Outside Miter

Video showing an outside corner for standard soffit installation.

Inside Corner

Video showing Trimlight being joined at an inside corner of soffit.

Gable Outside Bend

Video showing how to manipulate the channel to go from a gable (Rake) to a corner.

Gable Peak

Video showing a gable peak joining of channels.

End Cut

This video shows how to finish the end of the channel for Trimlight.

Vertical Curve for Deck Channel with Cover

Doing a barrel curve on a building is not difficult. Making small pieces that lock together and then relief cuts for the cover make a seamless curve.

Turret Curve

This video shows a deck channel installation on a rounded turret type installation using relief cuts on the channel.

Expansion Joint

Joining channels together can be also joined with a piece of expansion joint.

C Channel for Frieze Board Installation

When your Friezeboard hangs lower than a standard dimension from the soffit, Use a C Channel to drop the Deck Channel low enough.

Download Frieze Board Install Guide