Do you have commercials I can use for TV, YouTube, and OTT campaigns?

Here are some commercials that can be utilized in TV, YouTube, Social Media, and OTT campaigns.

Trimlight Commercial 2019

A commercial made for the Parade of Homes Show featured in Utah. Just a brief shot of our production and estimating process.

Trimlight Select Plus Intro Video

The amazing capabilities of the Trimlight Select Plus system is the best investment to make for your home or business. Get permanent holiday lighting now.

Springtime is best for Trimlight

Show your Easter colors on your Trimlight.

Made for Life's Moments - Full Version

Trimlight is truly made for all of life's moments. There are so many times and reasons to use Trimlight.

Trimlight Makes Your Holidays Less Stressful

George Banks chose Trimlight for Permanent Holiday Lights to regain his Holidays back from stress and over preparation. Trimlight is made for life's moments so that you can focus on family and fun instead of lights. Get your quote today at

Trimlight Thanksgiving

Made for Celebrating Life's Moments

Trimlight Easter

Made for Celebrating Life's Moments

Trimlight Mothers Day

Help your mother celebrate every holiday and special occasion. Trimlight the gift that will brighten her home for decades.

George Banks Trimlight Commercial

Home lighting for every holiday, event all summer long!

Trimlight Edge

Trimlight Edge: Cloud Based, Sync to music and more.