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How do I install the different channel types?

Installation videos

Channel Types

Standard Residential Channel Install

This channel is used with Metal and Vinyl Soffit applications.

Download Standard Soffit Guide

Fascia Board Install

Channel used for buildings with overhangs made with Wood, Cement Board, or Recessed soffits.

Flush Board Install

Channel for Flush Board or Deck installs.

Download Flush Board Install Guide

Rafter Board Install

Channel and Cover when spanning between rafters.

Download Rafter Board Install Guide

Soffitless Parapet Cap Install

Channel and Cover for when tucking below a drip edge flashing.

Download Soffitless Install Guide

Ridge Channel

Ridge Channel installation on a home.

Commercial SNAP IN 30mm System

A video detailing the Trimlight SNAP IN commercial system for use on commercial projects pointed out.

Commercial DRIP IN 30mm System

Meant for commercial projects where the light shines outward and uses a larger bulb.